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UK Company Registration

The UK has an open, transparent and business-friendly system to encourage the formation of new businesses. There are more than 2.6 million registered companies in the UK with over 350,000 new registrations each year. No permission is required to establish a business presence in the UK, although there are regulations on the use of business names and certain business sectors which may require licences or authorisation.

Company formation has been simplified. Setting up a business in the UK has been easier than in most other European countries for a long time. The Companies Act introduced last year hasn¡¯t changed this ¨C and it promises to make it easier for businesses to operate once they have been set up. It is more modern, more understandable and more flexible.

Advantage of UK Companies

The procedure of registered company in UK is easier. The registered capitals are not need to be paid up. No operation in UK no taxes (sales taxes). The cost for annual maintenance is lower, taxes declaration is convenient. Tax has been easy to arranged; To open bank account in Hong Kong and UK are both availabe, Customs clearnace could be done in 24 hours under normal condition; It is qualified to get capital on major financ markets around the world.It is no doubt a wise choise to set up an UK company and then expand your market in the world.

Company's name

Companie¡¯s name must be in English only and ended up with ¡°LTD¡± or ¡°LIMITED¡±. Words like ¡°INTERNATIONAL¡±, ¡°INDUSTRY¡±, ¡°INVESTMENT¡± etc. would be able to appear in the company name; but some sensitive words such as ¡°loyal or princess¡± should be avoided.

Registered Capital

There is neither minimum nor maximum registered capital for an UK company, but 1,000 pounds is recommended to set up a new company. The government levies 0.5% tax on registered capital when there is any change on shareholders.

Shareholders and Directors

One or more than one shareholders at the age of 18 or above, nationality is not limited

Legal Secretary and Registered Address

SECRETARY: Secretary should be in residents in UK, nationality is not limited

ADDRESS: Every company must have a registered office in UK.

Legal secretary and registered address may be provided by CHINAFLY.

Should you require any further information, please contact us.

Business Activities

One of the most exciting events included in the formation of a UK company is free business scope; in principle Business scope is really not defined by the government for the business you conduct in UK business registration. Generally speaking, business scope is not really limited in UK Company.

Documents Required

Company Name;

Details about Shareholders;

Propotion of each Shareholder

Our Service

Certificate of incorporation;

3 copies of memorandum and articles of association of the company;

Share certificates;

Two pieces of chops;

Register Address;

Application form;

Follow-up Service

CHINAFLY is pleased to offer related follow-up service if our clients needed.

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